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The FLEX System

Raven has designed a color-coded system of Junior sticks for kids. Each stick is designed & engineered with a different length and flex rating to promote the proper flex & feel for kids.

The flex rating of your hockey stick should be less than half your body weight.

(That's the Rule of Flex)


The more you cut off a hockey stick - The stiffer it gets.  Cutting 6 or 8 inches off a 50 Flex Junior stick makes it an 80 Flex stick.  Breaking the rule of flex for young players.


So...  If your young hockey player weighs less than 100 lbs... they should be using at the Raven FLEX system of sticks.   Pick the stick that fits and the flex will match!


Our color-coded system of sticks will help the young hockey player to grow with raven, and graduate to a longer stick with gradually stiffer flex as they get stronger.

Why RAVEN  ?

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